Maggie 7 month portraits


As I look down at your sleeping face all I can think about is how blessed I am to have you in my life. Your perfect little nose, your lips pursed together as if the bottle was still in your mouth, your plump cheeks that everyone always talks about how they want to just kiss them all over, your eye lids closed just right not too tight but just enough, resting each on the other. You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are a gift from God. You make our family perfect, and whole.

Your heart is beautiful. Everyday I see you and your brother interacting together and the love you have for each other and I just know our family is whole. The way he comes over to give you a kiss when you cry or bump your head and only his kisses make you all better again. Mine just don’t do the job for some reason. The way you smile at someone when you want them to smile. The way you laugh and sometimes it is accompanied by a snort. And oh how your laugh has the same viral contagiousness that your brother has had all of his life, and when you put the two together there is no one left in the room that isn’t laughing along. Your laugh is beautiful.

I love listening to you talk. I try to decode the language as you speak in full sentences. It is a language that only you know, but everyone just listens and guesses what you are talking and thinking about. I watch your eyes, the depth of your stare. I just know there is so much going on in your head. I am fascinated by the ideas rolling through your mind, I just know your thoughts are exquisite and interesting. Your mind is beautiful.

You are fascinated by the cats, you talk to them all the time. I often wonder if you are trying to convince them to come closer to you. The other day you pulled yourself up so you could pet Rocky. You have low crawled to both of the cats, but they usually run away not long after you get there. They know you are still learning how to pet them. But the way that you yank their fur is hard to endure for long. You love when your face touches their fur, you giggle as it tickles you. You are finally showing some signs of being ticklish, no where near as ticklish Daddy and Wyatt, but ticklish none the less. The face you make when you are being tickled is beyond cute, I just love it. I swear at times you are even saying the word tickle over and over again. And just incase you are saying tickle, I tickle you. I don’t want to let you down. You are also saying “YY Bro Bro” a lot more. Especially when he gets home from school and even more so if I don’t take you outside to get him off the bus. That really makes you upset. Today you cried because Grandma Purdom got Wyatt off the bus, and that is your job and I didn’t let you do it. Though I do have a hunch today’s crying was kind of forced or fake, it was still sad when you scrunched your face and cried out “YY bro bro” over and over until he came and gave you a hug and kiss. Your love is beautiful.

Your personality is beautiful. You are growing your personality everyday and showing off your attitude. We have come to learn that everyday is a new day with you, especially when it comes to eating. I am in no way saying that you are a picky eater, no one has ever accused you of that. In fact we still haven’t found anything that you won’t eat, and eat while smiling. We have learned that you have reached the phase already that you can do it yourself. When we try to feed you, you deny the food entry. You press your lips together so hard that not even liquid could make it through. The only way we have learned to feed you is to quick slip a spoon past when your mouth is open in between fistfuls of food that you are shoveling in every few seconds. The other day at dinner you sat in your seat and had two handfuls of food. Then you decided to dangle your hands over the side of your seat. At first I put my hand down below yours just incase you decided to drop your food. It appeared at first you were just resting your hands because you waited a minute or two and then began stuffing your face again. Then a few minutes later you did it again; however this time I didn’t put my hand below yours. You looked me right in the eye and dropped the food on the floor. Your body language paired with your eye contact communicated exactly what you were trying to tell me. Message received. Your attitude is beautiful.

You are a flirt. You already like to trick people and even hold grudges. The other day your Daddy put you on the floor to play, but you didn’t want to play you wanted him to hold you. He went to make a bottle for you because you were hungry and a bit grouchy. I had just finished whatever chore I needed to do around the house, so I came in and picked you up. When your Daddy returned with the bottle he left you to make. I tried to hand you to him. You reached your arm out for him while holding onto my shirt with the other hand. Just as he went to take you from me, you pulled away and buried your head in my chest. You did it over and over again until finally you decided you were hungry enough to go to him. You are sassy, and it is beautiful.

You can see that you are beautiful, and that is so beautiful. I love when you see yourself in a mirror. You love looking at yourself in mirrors, and every time you see yourself in a mirror you smile. Then you open your mouth as wide as it possibly can go, and you follow that with a loud squeal for joy. You didn’t used to be the best travel companion, Wyatt even has noise canceling headphones that have a permanent spot in my car for when he travels with you. Recently things have changed. When you are in my car we have upgraded you to a bigger carseat and I think you can see yourself better in the mirror that is on the seat back in front of you. As soon as we put you in the car you just start talking and laughing at yourself in the mirror. And now I can finally say traveling with you is (mostly) beautiful.

Maggie, I love you. I know we are going to have rough times ahead. In fact I am sure of it. But I know you will always be beautiful. Because while some of a person’s beauty is on the outside, your lips, your cheeks, your eyes, your hair; a person’s true beauty is on the inside. You can be the best looking person on the outside, have your makeup done perfectly, even fix all the things that you don’t think are perfect; but if you are not beautiful on the inside you can never be beautiful on the outside. I hope you never stop seeing your true beauty. And if ever you need help seeing it, I will always be here to help you see it. I love you so much and I know you will grow up to be a beautiful, smart, caring, funny and loving person. Because that is the person that God made you to be. May you never forget that.





Author: Jennifer Stumbaugh

I am a freelance/ portrait photographer currently working in the Central Pennsylvania area.

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