Maggie 5 Month Portraits


Dear Maggie,

You are 5 months old now. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. You and your brother have an even more extra special bond. we recently came to understand why he gets so upset when you are crying, especially in the car even though he has on noise canceling headphones. We came to realize that he just gets that upset when you cry and when he sees you upset. It does make it for a very difficult car ride that really works on my patience, but we of course manage. You can be upset and crying and when he comes over and talks to you, you light up and smile so big. He loves you so much, and we know already that you love him.

You love to give kisses now. You have always loved getting kisses, and again especially from your brother. But now when we say kisses you open your mouth as wide as you can as we go in and give you a kiss, and we usually come away laughing and full of slobber. Last night was the best kiss ever though, especially since it was accompanied by a huge hug. I was out shooting a wedding yesterday and I was gone for around ten hours. When I got home you were already in bed. And while I did call and get to say goodnight to you and your brother on the phone, it wasn’t the same. When I got home you were in bed and your brotherwas all but asleep, but fighting it off waiting up for me. I got unpacked, changed and ready for bed. And no sooner did you decide to wake up from sleeping, much sooner then you usually do. So I went into your room and picked  you up and you wrapped your little arms around my neck and like a suction cup you attached yourself to my cheek, and stayed there for a little. Then I fed you the rest of your bottle as you cuddled in close to me and went to sleep. It was the best feeling ever, and just what I needed after a long day at work.

Today we also went shopping. And I would like to say so far you are a girly girl. You seem to really like bright pink and flamingos and unicorns. But you also really like tutus and shinny things. You picked out a few tutus when we were out and I just couldn’t say no. You love wearing tutus and getting your picture taken every month, so I figured why not make it a more often venture.

As for your development, you are laughing more and more now, and your personality is flourishing. You have found many ways to get around. You roll all over the place and that gets you from one side of the living room to the other very quickly. You also have found ways to scoochfrom place to place effectively. And you often surprise people with how quickly you move from one side of the room to the other, especially if there is something you want on the other side of the room, like a cat. You watch the cats like they are your prey. You love to pet them, but not long after you have started petting them, nicely, you decide to grab their fur, like you are afraid that if you let go they will run away. But you haven’t figured out yet that if you grab their fur they really want to run away and you are usually left holding that same ball of fur but it is no longer attached to the cat. So we have stopped wondering why, Micky especially, goes the long way around you. Rocky doesn’t seem to learn lessons as quickly, or he is just more of the forgive and forget kind of cat. 

You havealso started to leave us in awe, and some what worried with how stubborn you are when you try to be independent. This happens the most when we are trying to feed you. You really like to help us get the spoon quickly to your mouth. This usually results with food all over your face, all over the person feeding you and of course all over your stomach or if by some complete mistake we forget to undress you before you eat, all over your clothes. Your brother also taught you to blow raspberries when you have food in your mouth. The bad thing was I encouraged it a lot when Daddy was feeding you, but you don’t seem to understand that it isn’t as funny when you do it to me. We have tried giving you a spoon when you’re eating, and surprisingly enough even if we give you a rather large spoon, you always seem to get the right end in your mouth. Then you always seem puzzled when there is nothing on your spoon; which sometimes I think makes you less patient. Like you are saying, even I can get the spoon in my mouth faster then you and I’m a baby!! We still haven’t found a food you don’t like, I’m sure we will come across one eventually but you are the girl version of Mikey as Pop Pop says, give it to Mikey he will eat it. Your brother was the boy version of Mikey at your age. Its a blessing.

We have such a perfect little family. And everyday, even on the crazy ones when you’re super fussy or the car ride is too long and I have 2 screaming kids in the backseat. One crying because she is a baby and the other crying because the other is crying; which is crazy in itself. Yes even on those days, I thank God because I think I truly am the luckiest mother in the world. And in the midst of the screaming about screaming, I remember the laughing about laughing, the smiling about smiling, and who could forget the raspberries for raspberries; which cover me in more then just the food that was in your mouth, but also restarts the cycle all over again. And we begin laughing about laughing, smiling about smiling… and I hope it never ends. 





Author: Jennifer Stumbaugh

I am a freelance/ portrait photographer currently working in the Central Pennsylvania area.

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