Maggie’s Baptism Gown


I wanted to make sure you knew about your baptism. I will make sure I post the pictures that were taken at your baptism later. But for now here are some pictures of you in your baptism gown. Your Grandma Purdom made this dress for you, and told me the day we found out you were a girl, that she wanted to make your baptismal gown. Of course I was so happy that she was making it and I knew it would be beautiful and that you would look so beautiful in it. I had no idea how beautiful it would be though. And how special it would be. Grandma made your dress out of the same lace that her wedding dress was made out of. So it was extra special. You only needed 2 fittings, and it was perfect. It meant the world to me that Grandma made it for you. And while I know you look beautiful everyday, and everyone tells you how beautiful you are everyday. You looked even more beautiful that day. You loved to grab the lace in the dress and of course put it in your mouth.

I will post the pictures of your baptism as soon as I can, but for now here are the pictures of you in your dress that we took in the studio. Also if you are wondering who got you to smile and laugh, that wasn’t me. I wish I could take credit for that. But I asked your favorite person in the world, Wyatt to help me out. I’m pretty sure you can tell where he was standing when I was taking the pictures. The whole time he was in the room your eyes never left his face. Nothing makes me smile more then to see the two of you together. And he did help out and play a pretty big role in your baptism, as I am sure he will play a huge role in teaching you all about Jesus, and what your baptism is all about. I love you with all my heart.





Author: Jennifer Stumbaugh

I am a freelance/ portrait photographer currently working in the Central Pennsylvania area.

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