Maggie 4 month portraits



This month has been filled with great moments. But most of all its been filled with moments where I find myself saying “That’s my girl”. You have been eating all sorts of foods, and lots of it. I would even be so brave to say you are a bit of a chunker, but that’s my girl is all I can seem to think when someone says that. Because why let yourself be any typical girl, the ones they always say are smaller then boys; be you. And you have developed some major chunky thighs just like your brother had. I really see a lot of similarities in the way you look like your brother, I used to get that all the time with my brother and I.

You also have a fascination with your brother, one that I am just in awe of. When I can’t calm you down, he can. Whe

n I don’t quite know how to entertain you, he does. You just love when he puts on a show for you, and when he reads with you. And he even gets you to open your mouth when you’re eating, or you at least smile, or blow raspberries; which makes him laugh because food ends up all over who ever is feeding you. And all I can think is that’s my girl. Who s

ays girls have to be clean all the time, be messy, be you.

There is absolutely no way I could avoid bringing up your most recent hairstyle. Well less a hairstyle and more the hair you have left. Your hair is pretty much all gone except for some long hair on the top of your head and some on the back of your head. Kind of like a mohawk. When people bring it up, I just say that’s my girl. Why not have a mohawk, it looks cool in its own way. And it kind of fits your personality.

You stood up holding onto a chair the other day, you’re not supposed to be doing that just yet; but never the less that’s my girl. You started rolling over in both directions half way through the month, that’s my girl. You love watching sports with Daddy, in a lot of ways you’re

his girl too. You love to pet the kitties, just the other day you even reached out and pet Mickey all on your own; that’s my girl. I love petting cats too. And last week you yelled Amen, the whole way through church. Don’t worry they were happy Amens. Why be silent when you can be loud; that’s my girl.

Finally I’d like to touch on sleeping a little. You may be wondering if you are sleeping through the night. Well let me answer it by saying its midnight… 4am, and sometimes more often then that, you may be wondering what that noise is, what is waking up your father in the middle of the night…well that’s my girl. We will work on that. But I’m sure there are many sleepless nights ahead of all of us. Because you’re my girl and well they say your kids are like you in every way. So I can’t wait for what’s to come.



Author: Jennifer Stumbaugh

I am a freelance/ portrait photographer currently working in the Central Pennsylvania area.

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