Maggie 1 Month portraits


I do realize it has taken me a little longer to put this post up. But bare with me, you haven’t exactly been letting us sleep much at night. No matter how much sleep we get we love you with all of our hearts. The thing I will say is your favorite thing to do at this point is smiling and laughing. Your smile is amazing and beautiful. We can be exhausted, its the middle of the night, and you will be straight faced, then you will look me in the eyes and give me a quick smile, and it makes 4:30 a little more bearable. When you laugh you open your mouth as wide as you can and just laugh or giggle. And you always sandwich your laughs with tons of smiles; which is nice because with out the smiles at first we didn’t know what you were doing. You are always full of smiles though. You also love to smile at Wyatt, and that brings me so much happiness and joy. You really love your brother and we can tell already you think he is pretty cool and interesting.

You are also growing so so much. You still have your huge pudgy cheeks. And you are giving 0-3 month clothes a run for their money. The other day you even wore a Batgirl onesie, with a cape, that was 3-6 months to help us celebrate super hero week for vacation bible school at Aldersgate Church, you were so adorable, as usual. We are so happy that you are growing so well, and there is no question about how much you love to eat; which is good, not all kids like to eat as much as you do. So we are very grateful.

We just want you to know how much we all love you, Mommy, Daddy, Wyatt and your whole family. Please don’t ever forget how much we love you. I know one day we will have the normal “Mother Daughter battles”. But I hope they will just make our relationship even stronger. I am so grateful that I have my mom as my best friend. We used to give “mother daughter battles” a whole new level. So I look forward to us growing together and yes there will be rocky roads. But I just hope one day we will be best friends too, I know we will be. And I will always be here for you, no matter what you need. If you need to talk because you’re board and just want to talk. And if you call, hopefully I will be able to figure out what ever phone technology there is at the time, please try and be patient. If you need a shoulder to cry on, or arms to hug you, I will always be there. Maggie I am so excited for the years to come.

Your forever Best friend, Love -Mom

Here are some pictures of you at 1 month.


The Frog Princess


Your Grandma Purdom made you this quilt
The Frog Princess
The Frog Princess
The Frog Princess

Author: Jennifer Stumbaugh

I am a freelance/ portrait photographer currently working in the Central Pennsylvania area.

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